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jet reflected in the side of a DFS fuel truck
photo of luxury Range Rover crew car
photo of Beechcraft King Air for sale
About Us / Unexpected Luxury

Unexpected Luxury” is the quote heard repeatedly from customers and their clients when they arrive and walk through the door at Davis Flight Support.

From stunning facility designed to exceed the status quo to a responsive and reliable support team you and your clients don’t merely land at Davis Flight Support they arrive.

Schedulers, Dispatchers, and Flight Crews, we’ve added a section just for you to our website created specifically to support you. 

Schedulers and Dispachers

  • Jaguar - Toyota Venza & Prius crew cars
  • Contract Fuel
  • Concierge
  • 6,000 x 100 ft runway
  • No landing fees
  • Catering

Contact us at 877.337.9656 or go to Schedule to book your itinerary or plan any special requirements.